Friday, June 20, 2008

Here is a report of our trip to OOTY, known as “Queen of Hills” and located in Tamilnadu.

Ooty is probably the most famous hill station in South India. Ooty is always an open option for us, because we don’t have to worry for accomadation over there, Aashish’s father and Kanu’s father-in-law both are working with PNB and PNB has their guest house in Ooty 😀


We tried to do as much homework as possible before we started on the journey. Along with searching the web for information, the following resources were extensively used for gathering information:

  • Kanu
  • Avani

Places we visited in Ooty:

1st day:

  • Sacred Heart Church
  • Dodabetta Peak
  • Ooty Lake
  • Deer Park
  • Botanical Gardens

2nd day:

  • Connor through Toy Train
  • Tea Plantations
  • Lambs View
  • Dolphins Nose
  • Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary only from outside 😦
  • Mysore Palace from outside again 😦

Till last moment Kanu was ready to come with all of us, but then at the last moment coz of her husband’s tummy she missed her trip. When Aashish (Param’s would be) arrived at Param’s home in cab with a bigggggggg smile. After that they moved to Varsha’s home, picked her, Ritu ( Varsha’s youger sister) and Yogesh. In the end Avani and Hitesh joined us…… Our Gang is complete now and we all are ready for masti.

Param was very much excited for this trip Aashish joined us for the trip 😉

To reach Ooty, we have to cross Bandipur & Madumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, it was scary but excited too. While travelling on the road passing through the forest, you can often sight some wild life if you are lucky. Param was so panicked and could’nt sleep for whole night, we all know that she could not sleep due to some terror but when asked she told i want to see tiger crossing the road.

Our Guest House

Finally we reached ooty at 6am in the morning & lodged into our guest house, which was on a very scenic location at hill top & from there you can see fully ooty.

Ooty from guest house

It was very near to Charring Cross.

After getting ready some of us went to near by Sacred Heart church which was a beautiful place & very peaceful.There again we clicked photographs as usual 😀

Ooty Church

We had our breakfast at Preetha Palace as recommended by one of our friend Kanu who could not make to the trip. Food was good over there. We tried Aloo Parantha, Dosa, Pao Bhaji, Gobhi Parantha & ofcourse can’t forget the special Fresh lime soda drink. They served soda separately to prepare your own lime soda 😀 .

After moving around a bit in the city, we went to Doddabetta Peak, which is a highest peak in Nilgiri Hills & a very beautiful place. We were walking in clouds, it was just awesome. We clicked some great pics over there & then it started drizzling..the weather was just awesome. We had ice creams & great fun over there..

Doddabetta peak

After clicking so many matrimonials(Proposal) snaps for so many persons in our group, we started towards the Ooty Lake. There we waited for rain to stop & then after that did boating for 1 hr.

Ooty Lake

We saw deer park forest as well. Avani tried clicking pics of deer but instead the pics were of Yogesh, Hitesh & then Varsha. 🙂 But still she can show horns of deer in the pics.. 🙂

Deer Park

After doing boating we did some shopping on the local shops. Avani tried to find a jacket which she wants to wear next day with her fav dress but couldn’t found anything good. So we thought of having some snacks on the lake cafeteria.

We bought magic bubbles over there & clicked a whole set of pics of everyone tryng to blow bubbles :). From lake we went to famous Botanical Garden in Ooty. It was lush green & a very eye sooting place.

Botanical Garden

It was full of all type of people & kids playing there. It was real fun watching people clicking pics in weird poses & we were trying to capture the same. Our CameraMan “Mr. Ashish Sharma” captured some of the best shots of the trip over there.

Best Click of trip

& of course there is one more pic giving competition to the above one & here it comes… 🙂

We had other great shots over there. There is one fossil kept over there which is 20 millions years old. I was quite amazed to see that. But everyone was just making fun of me for that :(.

Fossil tree

But beside these pics we had some of the great shots.

Flower bed

wallpaper shot

After spending some great time over there, some of people returned back to hotel and some again went for shopping. But this time we went to shop some famous things of Ooty. Ooty is famous for its tea and home made chocolates, chocolate fudge, white chocolate, strawberry chocolate, nut and fruit chocolate, and slabs of bitter chocolate. My mouth is still watering. So we bought famous Ooty Chocolates & Tea cake ( from which we got not even a single bite coz Ashish ate it all 😦 ). From there we went to Preetha Palace & get our dinner packed. We went back to our hotel & had dinner there. After filling up our tummys wit food we copied all the pics into Hitesh’s laptop as our digicams were almost full :).

Here’s end of our first day. It was all full of fun & we were so tired that everybody went to sleep as soon as we finished our dinner to see the dreams of next day 🙂

Next day we got up early in the morning so that we can catch Toy Train to Conoor, which is 20 kms from Ooty. The first train to Conoor was at 9 am & we some how reached station by 8:30 am. After seeing the crowd & long queue at station we were quite disappointed & did not have any hope for getting a seat into train. But still we stood in the queue & had our breakfast of biscuits & dal buhjia over there. As soon as our turn came the ticket counter got closed as all the ticktes were sold off. We all were quite sad. We were just moving out of the station that we decided to click some photos at least, so that we can make others fool.

Nilgiri Express - Ooty Railway Station

It was all choas on the station once the train reached there & everyone was so excited to board the train. We were so enthralled to see the train that we could not stop ourselves from getting into train. In a hope to get ticket we all girls went to Station Master (thinking he is a TT) :), requested him to arrange ticktes for us some how. The TT made an annoucement saying that there are some vacant seats & people with 2nd class ticket can board it Though we did not have tickets & in excitement we did not even hear the second part 🙂 & boarded the train. It was so much of thrill & this is how our journey to Conoor started.

Ooty Station

On the way we saw valleys, tea gardens & it was just awesome.

On the way to Conoor

Then TT caught us for travelling without a ticket. We told him that we boarded the train coz he said people to find seats which were vacant. He was a very generous man & asked us to buy tickets from the next station.On the way there were places in between like Love Dale, Wellington & few more I can’t spell the names well. 🙂

Love dale

I hope some time I will be able to see all these places. We got tickets at next station & had vadas & tea at that station. Our train was running through tunnels & curves & through scenic valleys.

Finally we reached Conoor in 1 hour 20 mins. We asked our cab driver to pick us up from Conoor Railway station. We had our photo session in Connor railway station.

Conoor Railway Station

In Conoor we had our breakfast (3rd time) in CCD ( Avani’s fav place ). Oh God!! how much we eat…. After breakfast we decided to go to Dolphins Nose one of the famous peaks of Conoor. On the way we hired a guide to roam around places in Conoor who took us to show Tea Factory & Tea Gardens.

Tea Gardens Conoor

Guide took us to a local shop & there we bought special Ooty Oil & Ooty Tea & suddenly our guide was also gone. His only motive was made us buy things from that shop. Param bought herbal tea & 3 types of Oils. But was quite disappointed to see that those were quite costlier than the actual prices 😦 .

From there we went to Lamb’s View Rock, which was just 3-4 kms away. There we had a bigg time discusion on Wild deemak, & pet deemak. It was a small trek of around half a km. This place was very beautiful & we sat there for quite some time deciding on where to go next.

Lamb's View

From Lamb’s View we went to Dolphin’s Nose peak, & from the peak we saw Water falls,

Water Fall

Tribal people’s house & a tourist spot of some lady & Thunder World Water Park. There were some six points shown to us through telescope.

Dolphin Nose's View

After seeing all these places, we started back our journey to Ooty. We reached ooty by 4:30pm. There we had our lunch cum snacks at Preetha Palace only. After having our food we all started for our journey back to Bangalore. On the way we saw famous Hair Pin Bends. They were damm good.

We stopped on the way for having a look at Mysore Palace. But this time we saw it only from outside, may be next time we will try to reach Mysore early..

Mysore Palace

Finally we reached Banaglore at 12:30 AM on sunday night. We enjoyed alooooooooot.