Madikeri/Coorg Trip

May 24, 2008

On 16’th May 2008 we started for one more dream destination “Coorg” in Karnataka, the state which is known as “Scotland of India!” & “The land of warriors, coffee and spices. This trip was also planned for weekend but this time not only boys, we included so many people from other teams as well. Again our plan was to cover as many as tourist places possible…and this time it was happened and for this full credit goes to just Dev oh! sorry sorry its DEVARAJAAAA 😀 But our leading lady sorry GIRL Varsha who took the initiative for this trip was missed the trip because of some personal reasons 😦 but we didn’t miss her much. Our trip to Coorg was very eventful. We covered:

  • Madikeri
    • Omkareshwara Temple
    • Raja’s Seat
    • Talakaveri
    • Triveni Sangam >> The best place of the lot 🙂 only swimmers allowed !!
    • Bhagamandala
  • Kushalnagar
    • Kaveri Nisargadhama
    • Dubare
    • Golden Temple

1st Day: 16’th May 2008 Friday:

As we need to pick up all, we started from our office itself and then move ahead. After picking all,at last it was Kanu left, she made us circle around bangalore city for IG Circle, thats where she lives. Finally at 10.30 we found IG circle. So finally after picking Avani, we left around 11 pm via Mysore. On the way lots of things happened. Avani’s elder sister was not much used of bus journeys, so she was very uncomfortable in whole journey. Srikanth and Dev sat together in the bus, Srikanth was on windows side, after some time Dev told him to move to other side as he wants to sit next to window. And then one blunder happened. Avani’s sister did vomitting and everything come over Dev coz he was on window’s side Yuk!!! He was in cream trousers before that happened and it became chocolate brown, coz didi had chocolate icecream before boarding the bus 😀 Then we told kaushik and Srikanth to get some medicine for her, but don’t know but in search of Doctor, they got missed. But all these things made our journey colorful and filled special colors on Deva’s trousers 😀

2nd Day:

17’th May 2008 Saturday:

It was 4.15 am when we reached Coorg. We checked in to “4 season home stay” that we had already blocked. Homestay was not very extraordinary but still it was nice. After doing some rest, around 9am we all started our journey. Our first destination was Dubare.

  • Dubare

This is mainly an elephant-capturing and training camp of the Forest Department, at the edge of Dubare forest, on the bank of the river Kaveri, on the Kushalanagara – Siddapur road. Wild elephants are captured from the forest and trained here with the help of tame Forest Department elephants. The tame elephants are brought down to the river to bathe in the morning, and tourists may be offered elephant rides or invited to help in feeding the elephants.

We reached the beautiful beautiful place by 9 in mrng. than had breakfast & few guys from our group were too much into the weird hairstyles who clicked & clicked after one very elegant lady.

The mobile nest well, afterwards was the big decision to make… to cross the SCARY river (cauvery) by boat, or to raft through (into still waters, r u kidding me… wts fun in rafting if u have to drag ur boats the whole way.) or to just walk through, water trekking u know. (which was actually very much possible & fun, only if we, the adventurers wudn’t have taken the wrong route in first place, we got stuck in mid & had to return back to shore… ) but we clicked a lot of pics, fell, slipped & compete thru whole way back, but hands down Kanu came out to be the clear winner after falling 19 times while crossing it only half the way. Most of people tried to give her tough competition tough and srikanth(QA), who claimed to be the swimmer of the group and point of contact ICE, walked all the way on rocks to avoid getting wet,( he says his intentions were, to walk away from water, so that he can dive save lives if anyone drowns !! but everybody knows the truth :D) but he got wet anyways on the shore, courtesy: everyone. So after all these and some fake photos of rafting, to show it back to our friends ;), we decided to cross the river via boat. The great steamer – before getting inside the boat, there were few dumbos fighting in the queue .. Kanu took responsibility of answering them!!

On reaching the other side, where there is elephant inhibited forest and the forest dept catches, tames, trains and cares for the elephants and offers elephant rides to the tourists. We roamed around the place which is not advised to do so as we went to a wild elephant capturing trap and the official there had to come screaming & running after us to get us away from there. Thankfully we didn’t understand what all he said other then few words like trap & wild animals… After waiting for almost an hour we decided to give elephant ride a skip to much of kanu’s dismay as she wanted to ride the elephant so bad.. (god knows y? no no even god dint know 🙂 ). we decided to give water trekking one more chance…. and we are so thankful that we did, it was so much fun to cross the river by walking through it. It was just awesome!!!

  • Talakaveri

The origin of the River Kaveri. Talakaveri isin the Brahmagirihills, about 4,500 ft above sea level. The river emerges as a small perennial spring, but flows underground again to emerge a short distance away.Here in Talakaveri there is a temple built for goddess Karveri (Cauvery).

After Dubare, we started out for Talakaveri, (we had lunch in between, the south indian buffet, which didn’t look so Delicious, but was eatable enough).

we visited the temple where the auspicious cauvery river is born. The temple is built on a little higher plane and offers a magnificent view of the valley below. From the temple there are steps going up to a small hill, where supposedly rishi vashisth use to meditate. we heard from highly unreliable sources that you could even see kerala boarder from the top of that hill. All of us went ahead to the top of the hill, it started drizzling on the way up. The view from there was just breathtaking… it was too good, but we couldn’t stop & take in more of that scenic view, coz by the time we caught our breath reaching on top, it started raining very very heavily. Some ppl (Srikanth(QA), Srikanth, kaushik) had a tough time climbing the steps there. Sumit and Kanu were too fast and furious 🙂 . Devaaaaaaaaaaarajaaaaaa disappeared as he saw some girl in some other gang!!

  • Triveni Sangam (The best place we all have ever seen in our life.) Life becomes complete only when you jump here !!

It is on the banks of the confluence of three rivers, Cauvery, Kannika and a mythical river Sujyothi, to form the ‘Triveni Sangam’. Srikanth qa and Sumit had a wondersful TEA there.. everyone missed the tea !!

  • Bhagamandala

It is situated at the Triveni Sangam. The temple here, built in Kerala style, has smaller shrines dedicated to various gods.

  • Raja’s Seat

Soon after this, we hurried to the Raja’s seat. The Raja’sseat is so called because , according to legend, the kings of Kodagu spent their evenings here, at this vintage point, watching spectacular sunsets. Overlooking a deep valley is the delightful garden, this is a favourite tourist spot in Madikere. The lovely flowers in full bloom and the fascinating view of the winding roads made the visit a memorable one. The garden also hosts a musical fountain show in the evening (similar to one in Vrindavan Gardens – Mysore).

Musical fountains at Raja Seat

After visiting Raja’s seat, we headed to Omkareshwara temple.

  • Omkareshwara Temple

The OmkareshwaraTemple, dedicated to both Shiva and Vishnu, is almost 200 years old andis a surprising blend of Islamic and Gothic styles.It has a Gothic and Islamic style of architecture was built by Lingaraja in the year 1820. The Shiva linga installed inside the temple is believed to be brought from Kashi.

3rd Day:

18’th May 2008 Sunday:

We checked out from the hotel at 7 am and started our downward journey to Kaveri Nisargadhama.

  • Kaveri Nisargadhama

This place is built in a natural Island of River Cauvery. It has cluster of wooden huts, Boating, Elephant Safari, Hanging Bridge and a Deer Park as some of the Attractions.

After having very nice lunch, we started our downward journey to Bangalore. In between we stopped for more than an hour to visit Golden Temple. The campus consists of a big dormitory at the entrance, 2 temples, a prayer room (here we witnessed a big group of young monks recite prayers aloud). The domes of both the temples are Tibetian looking — colourful andsloping at the corners. A remarkable feature of the temples is that they are studded with colossal, colourful wall paintings that are detailed uptothe smallest square millimeter. Inside one of the temples is a huge hall in which there are 3 gigantic, gold plated statues, the centre one being that of the seated Buddha. The place below the statues is covered with colourful floral decorations andlamps. Some say the place gives you a feeling of being in Thailand! On the whole, the temple emanates a sense of peace within.

  • Golden Temple

Its a tibetian monks temple. Beautiful temple with sculpures and many paintings. Even you can have some shopping there. This temple is situated in the Tebetian collony.


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